New Blog is Live!!!

So after a little delay, tweaking and the inevitable technical hiccups my new blog has gone live. You can check it out here.

This blog has served me so well over the past few years but it is time to move on and freshen up. All these posts will still remain active and serve as an archive and reminder of all the fun times.

Please update any bookmarks you may have with the new blog address:

See you all on the other side!!

Old friend - New friend

I didn't realise when I made the trip to Brisbane quite the experience I was going to share with one of my oldest, bestest friends and another with almost a complete stranger. This talented stranger turned out to me the amazing Abby Skye - an absolute gifted singer and songwriter, a beautiful beautiful girl. We all spent around 4 hours together having dinner and instantly we connected over some pretty amazing conversations. Everything from there just got easier and more interesting as we continued some more of our chats through the camera the following day.

I learnt a lot from Abby and what was interesting for me as the documentor, is by letting go of some of my own hang-ups really allowed me to see things I ordinarily would have missed. And...... a thank-you to my dearest and greatest bestie Glen for bringing this together. A wonderful friend with a wonderful heart xx

Here they come.....

It's been an incredible month or two with so many weddings that I've had the pleasure to photograph. I am trying sooo hard to share them as soon as I can, I promise!!! But keep an eye out because these ones aren't too far away :)

Karina & Chris - 9 October 2010

It seems my shiny new BLOG will be just a little way off. So without further ado....I bring Karina & Chris and their cool gang. Such beautiful people with 2 very lovely families that I had the pleasure to chat with.

We had some adventures after I found a random location on the side of a road somewhere that involved dodging rabbits (and maybe snakes) but jumping over a bit of a creek (come swamp) as well!! Thanks everyone for thinking this idea was kinda cool at the time!


Can't remember how Chris got my camera or how I got his shot....but here is Nat's cameo!!!